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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  September 2, 2017 2:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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younger, your siblings and neighbors and doing the best yourself to maybe taken and mike emmanuel can with me, covering natural disasters yourself, covered hurricane katrina with quite frankly one of the most difficult , when i'm speaking to you right now i'm speaking to you as my heart as i always do anyway but i'm specially speaking from personal experience. >> arthel, seeing president trump on the ground there is a very difficult situation for the president on the dais after such
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epic disaster, he gets criticized if you go in too soon, perhaps interfere with any kind of recovery efforts, we heard some of that, the president didn't meet with any people that were directly affected, today we have seen the president and first lady there interacting with folks who have their lives turned upside down by hurricane harvey. president there on the tarmac interacting also with the united states senate delegation representing louisiana, senators cassidy and kennedy who will be asked to approve funding for hurricane harvey victims in the coming days and so those personal conversations very important as the president will look for votes, one would think that recovery for hurricane harvey would not be controversial in any way but you never know these days the way congress works and so the president putting a face to face pitch if you will with the congressional delegation to louisiana to let's get relief to these folks and get them back on
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their feet. >> quickly because it's very, very important. again having had a fema number myself, i understand the need for those fundings and any sort of resource that is the federal government can provide to be -- to be released anden unleashed, if you will, immediately because as you know, you know, many times people think that when you're looking for any sort of federal aid that you are somehow underprivileged. no, these are people whose lives were tushed upside down on a dime and they need to rebuild, you have small business that is need to rebuild. everyone has been affected and no one has -- very few people have the resources just to turn it around like that. unfortunately, mike, a lot of times -- i'm very hopeful, though, in this situation here in texas as i've seen the interaction between governor greg abbott there and the mayors, sylvester turner of houston has been doing a
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phenomenal job and i'm hoping that they will continue to work together to get the resources immediately for those affected by hurricane harvey and who am i joined on the phone by, producers? bob of the hill is here with us now. bob, are you there? >> yes, i'm here. >> okay, where are you right now, bob, and what are you reporting on as you see it? >> well, basically september is going to be such a busy month whether it's for flood relief, government funding. congress will be very interesting because of the need and the bipartisan need to pass a bill on flood relief that the government is not going to be shut down at tend of september that was looking pretty likely and the president backed off on wall funding request at least till the end of the year.
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>> we heard things from both sides of the aisle in terms of getting funds for harvey victims, do you expect any drama next week? we know the house is expected to vote as soon as this coming week. there's discussion whether they should attach a debt ceiling and the expect drama in the week ahead? >> mike, i definitely expect some drama. it'll be a roller coaster, conservatives as you mentioned, they are not crazy about attaching flood relief to the debt ceiling, i think to the government funding measure they are okay with, that's a big deal. they want to deal with the debt ceiling, if the debt ceiling is a very difficult vote for members of both parties, that could cost some votes and i think that they're going to have to deal with the debt ceiling separately. that remains to be seen. arthel: in this case, bob, doesn't it give them leverage that we understand that the government as it stands in and out will run out of cash come september 29th, perhaps day
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earlier considering the enormous amounts of money needed to help those there in texas n southeast texas and southwest louisiana, do you feel, though, that perhaps this will remove the political blockades that tend to be in situations like this? >> yes, republican leaders would love to deal with all of the issues, a number of other issues that are expiring at the end of september, flood insurance, children's health. they love to put it in one big bill and get it done with and not have the heartache of doing a clean debt hike which is really the only thing that can pass because democrats are going to block any spending reforms that republicans push. without a doubt, i think that mcconnell, majority leader mcconnell in the senate and speaker ryan would love to have one big bill the bigger the bill is, the more you can criticize it. this changed the dynamics
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significantly, this disaster and need to get billions and potentially hundreds of billions eventually to texas and louisiana. >> it's worth noting that the house and senate are only in session together for 12 days during the month of september, so time is precious as there are a lot of big things on the agenda. bob, thank you very much. >> thank you. arthel: all right, mike, we will go to houston now where peter doocy is live there on the ground, what's the latest there from your perspective, peter? >> arthel, the president of the united states has covered a lot of ground today. he spent part of it volunteering at the mega shelter behind me. part of it comforting victims and part of it praising the heros of harvey. >> you have done so much for the services and the whole world is watching, the whole world is watching. i want to thank -- thank you, fellow, thank you, everybody. thank you. [applause] >> you have done so much prestige of the services and the
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coast guard in what you've done. >> the first time today for the president was at houston nrg center now serving as mega shelter. he took selfies with displaced texans and served them hot dogs along with the first lady and he tried to collect as much info over one victim getting relief. education secretary betsy devos who must help figure out where more than 10,000 students whose schools have been damaged will take class and the fema secretary brock long was here, his agency stands to get most of the $8 billion the white house wants from congress for harvey relief. president also toured in neighborhood in pairland, texas and he's proud of how hard they are working. that was after he helped volunteers load up supplies at the first church which has
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doubled as a distribution center and while there, the president told texans he thinks they can clean up faster than most states. >> we are talking about, they say two years, three years, i think that because this is -- they'll do it in six months. [cheers and applause] >> but according to the white house budget director in a letter late last night, the only way that timeline or any timeline stays on track if congress raises the debt ceiling by the end of this month. if they do not director mulvaney warns that federal assistance to harvey victims could be interrupted. >> that would be a shame. okay, peter doocy in houston. thank you very much, peter. mike. >> the recovery effort in the greater houston area expected to take years on top of losing all or most possessions, people are returning to find mold, toxic
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waters. steve live in houston. steve. >> mike, we are on the west side of the city of houston where flood impact is still being felt. you can see the scenes down the street here. some people in kyaks, other people in rafts, other in waiters, what we are seeing volunteers. it's not a rescue effort but a recovery effort. people are going to their houses, putting what they can in their boats and rafts and dragging them back out. one thing that's hard to get across here is just how bad it smells, you can see over here the sewage lines are backed up and it's clear that there's raw sewage and a lot of it in the water. tough smell here and a lot of people are wearing masks. the unusual thing about what we are seeing here, a lot of the flood water is not actually from the storm, it's from a control release from two reservoirs, there were real concerns that dams would break and they released the waters, some of the houses weren't hit by the storm but now they are flooded by the control relief. that's a move they had to make. a lot of people upset about it.
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it could be two more weeks before the flood water goes away and get back to their homes, mike, thank you. >> steve harrigan live on the ground, steve, thank you very much. arthel: another storm, hurricane irma moving west as it gathers strength. meteorologist adam klaust, where is irma and how strong would she be if she makes landfall? >> i will show you the track in just a moment. i want to begin where harvey is. remnants of hurricane harvey. may rain on a people's holiday weekend. i want to show you quickly, here is the gulf coast. this is not associated with harvey but i know a lot of folks
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need dry weather and this is good news. i forecasted all the way to friday. two different models, each one bringing in light precipitation so presentee of time for four, five days, six anyways for folks to dry off. where is irma and where is it going to go, currently category 2 storms, winds at 110 miles an hour, there's the path going to category 3, eventually category 4. this is the cone of uncertainty. you can have move to the south within the cone, any one can be a path, maybe run to go san juan, farther to the north. it does run into warm water and pick up speed. you run in the northern edge to have route, the good news would be and this is what we hope, run on the northern edge, turns back out in the ocean, you run on southern edge, you're suddenly looking at florida, georgia, the carolinas, all areas where possibly this could run into and anywhere in between. really looking like to east coast or hopefully it turns back
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out to sea and we see none of it. here is the path and run into warm water. that could really explode the category this is at from 2 to 3 to a 4 is what we have currently forecasted and i wouldn't surprise that it jumps to category 5. here is where we are in the season, we are getting closer to the peak but we are not just there. peak as far as statistically ann you have september and october. we've had that one real big one already, harvey in the gulf. now tracking irma but again this is just the beginning. we could be very busy here in the weather center for the next couple of weeks. maybe a month or six weeks actually. arthel: let's hope it's not too busy. >> i hope so too. >> adam, thank you so much. mike. mike: no doubt, there's a long road to recovery in texas and louisiana. gives us a closer look at how
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arthel: in time now for a quick check of the headlines, salt lake city police officer on paid leave after authorities investigate a new's arrest, police body cam video show the
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nurse screaming as an officer arrests her after she refuse today draw blood from an unconscious patient who had been in a car crash. 2016 u.s. supreme court ruling says a blood sample cannot be taken without patient's consent or a warrant. man arrested in st. louis after two police officers were shot and wounded. the shooting injured a woman who was inside her home when a bullet went through her back door, she's in critical condition with a head wound. hundreds of firefighters battling a massive wild fire in los angeles. largest wild fire in la history. it burned more than 5,000 acres since it broke out yet afternoon. mike: in communities that saw heavy flooding from the storm are still inundated with water, law enforcement and one texas town is pitching in to help,
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local residents, griff jenkins has story from booth, texas, south of houston. >> on the heels of the president's being, we came to fort bend county, ranchers were hit by brazos river, brenda, what has this done to you? >> well, as you can see, griff, this ranch is about completely under water. we are delighted to have a little bit of gas showing but the cow need to eat constantly, we will have to put out hay and feed to keep the cattle alive and so this is impacting the entire beef market in the state of texas. we are just glad we are not seeing more dead cattle but if we don't get them fed or not able to get in here there will be, thanks to first responders we have been on airboat feeding cattle. >> have you ever seen this sort of thing before? >> i have not. we had a flood end of last may and it was bad but this is so much worse and this has affected
2:19 pm
everybody. >> sheriff, what needs to happen? >> well, this is the eighth day of hurricane harvey and now i think we are going to start experiencing the recovery phase which is going to take several, several weeks, if not months and so now we need the resources of our entire federal government to step up, get into fort bend county and speak to the individual that is have been devastated by this flood. >> so that's what's happening here as they head into longer days and this sort of area, quickly sheriff, how long would this flooding occur? >> a for new days, the water is receding in the brazos river, this could start receding but several days before being able to bring trucks and continue to feed cattle. >> brenda, thoughts and prayers are with you. >> thank you, we appreciate it. we love texas and still in here. >> and in booth, texas, i'm griff jenkins, back to you. >> we all love texas and the rain maybe over in southeast texas and the recovery is barely
2:20 pm
in the beginning phase, dozens of inches of rain are just starting to recede and most of the water is full of deadly toxins and foul-smelling sewage and the health threat, the beginning of the school year is in doubt for thousands of children. congressman randy weber joins me now and he represents the 14th district in texas which covers the greater houston area, congressman, thank you for joining us here on fox news and i'm going to start with talking about the displaced residents at the nrg center, they were happy to see president trump and i understand that you were able to visit with the president. how important is it to have him in houston and in the region? >> well, thanks for having me, arthel. it's very important for the public to see that he is engaged, he's compassionate and caring, he will sign the bill,
2:21 pm
all of the suffering and damage gone up -- arthel: congressman, what are your pressing needs at this moment? >> well, here is the thing, arthel. we have five ports in our district. we need to get those ports moving. it was out, beaumont and port or they are was devastated, beaumont water system went out. port arthur was under water. the ghost cared surveyed the damage, it's incredible, we will have to get shelter and begin to help rebuild. >> where are you right now
2:22 pm
congressman weber, and what are you seeing? >> well, i'm in friendswood. i was in beaumont this morning. three pallets of bottled water to beaumont, it took us six hours to go 89, 95 miles, it only takes a mile an and a half. shelters packed with people, you look at the properties where the water is up, some cases the windows, the cars are submerged. you heard it say, this is the most deadliest flood in american history. >> we are showing images on the screen as you and i are talking, i know -- you probably don't see this but this is the president's motorcade, he's leaving chennault airport and i may
2:23 pm
interrupt you but we are looking at the president's motorcade leaving all the way to national guard as i said. i want to ask you about houston, a couple of people sent me tweets asking about particular areas in houston, the fifth war, the big nickel as it's called there as you well know, the green point area, northwest houston, i know you can't get in every point of the city but do you have any ideas how those areas that i just asked about are doing? >> i do not. i have the three coastal counties that come from louisiana, beaumont, galveston. so much entry here, arthel, jet fuel is produced in our district. almost 20's% of the nation's gasoline, we are focused on those three counties and people get back to work and lives
2:24 pm
rebuilt, food, clothing, water. >> sure, i understand, sir, i'm sure you have -- i know you have your hands full. listen, as you know, president trump is requesting a 7.9 billion, it's been referring 7.85 billion in aid for harvey victims, do you expect this to get approved without any congressional bickering? >> i do. i think the time to put politics behind us. i think that you're going to see the texas delegation come together and put together a package. you have to be understanding about this. that's only the beginning, that is not the end of it. that's just the initial aid tackage, if you will, because this hurricane as i've described is the worst in american history, it's going to be more than sandy, more than katrina.
2:25 pm
it's going to be huge, the actual magnitude of texas gulf coast has been affected by this, you to see it to believe it. >> yeah, you're right, sir. as bad as it looks like on television, when you're there it's unimaginable, i described it before as your mind and your eye is having a schizophrenic relationship because you can't process what you're really seeing. >> that's right. brazoria county, my wife and i visited the shelters, we visited the county, i went there and i need to get back over there because the river in st. bernard, brazos river are beginning to -- they have been coming out of banks, flooding people there, shelters in galveston, friendswood where i
2:26 pm
live was unbelievably hard hit. arthel: how is your home? >> our home is fine. thanks for asking. our heart goes out to people. we went to beaumont. arthel: our hearts are definitely there with all of you in southeast texas as well as southwest louisiana, do you like -- would you like to see changes to the infrastructure or system in houston after harvey? >> well, i think we are going to have have learned some things by this disaster. the president has already talked about an infrastructure bill, if you will. since our area is such a huge generator of energy, such big economic driver, fuel prices spike because of the refinery that's been shut down. so i think you're going to see infrastructure where we can protect the coast and this is more about rain event, a rain-maker, corpus christi got
2:27 pm
hit by the high winds of harvey, we got hit with all the rain, the rain that went up in central texas, the rain is getting in those rivers and coming back on us and rained on us again and jefferson county, beaumont to get the bad flooding, i think you will see discussion about infrastructure, we have dams, levees and things of that nature so we can be on top of this if it should ever happen again. arthel: houston definitely is such a great economy and moving city, metropolitan area but it also is very spread out, you have got a lot of property that normally in the past would absorb some of this water. >> well, houston is a very diverse area, 6.2 million
2:28 pm
people, southeast texas region. texans are very resilient. you will see people -- what we like to say they are going to build bigger and better, you will remember the great first responders that got out there, texans helping texans and as i said on facebook, we have neighbors coming in from all the other states and we had imported texas and we will rebuild and we will be back. it will take time and it will take effort and money but we will be back. arthel: yeah, congressman, for sure, no one does it like texas and houston is strong, we are all there behind you. i want to congress talking to you but i want to let our viewers know what we are looking on the left-side of the screen in lake charles, louisiana where president trump has touched down along with first lady melania
2:29 pm
trump and he is accompanied by governor john bell edwards and first lady of louisiana dona edwards and they are making their way to the national guard army where they will meet with the contingency of louisiana and national guards and first responders and leaders and people who quite frankly get things down there and as you see, you have a crowd of people with signs and flags and they seem to be eagerly awaiting the president's arrival. again, in times like this it's really very important to see, to see president trump in a way that we haven't had a chance to see him before. he seemed -- i mean, i feel that any sort of facade that the president puts on usually comes across as this tough guy, it was gone and we saw him melt in the faces and in the arms of young children and really connected on a personal level with the people there, the energy center in houston before he arrived there in lake charles, louisiana.
2:30 pm
so kind of to your point in terms of houston improving and learning lessons after this natural catastrophe, this disaster of hurricane harvey, do you think the nation and the president as a leader of this nation will learn lessons from this as well and so that we can all begin to heal after this? >> you know, i think we will, arthel. you really bring an interesting point that we have been talking about in the last several days as i moved among jefferson county and democrat-elected officials, we have republican-elected officials and they call came together to help no matter who they were, nationality, religion, ethnicity, we are pulling together and we were saying, you know, in a weird, strange kind of way, this event really has kind of help us to drift away veneers and really learn to work together and i think people will
2:31 pm
step back and take a breath and he's a real person and does have compassion, you take a look in all sides, i think we will learn from this. arthel: god has a strange way of getting our attention. >> yes, he does. arthel: congressman andy weber, to you, your district there, 14th district, your family, we wish all the best of luck and thoughts and prayers continue to be with you and all of texas and southwest, louisiana. thank you very much, congressman weber. >> thanks, arthel. arthel: take care. and we have with us bob as well from the hill. mike: bob, what about the role of nature, we saw president
2:32 pm
bush, new york city after 9/11, we have seen president obama and put an arm around people and your thoughts on seeing president trump into the role of comforter in chief after the epic national disaster? >> yeah, it's a very important role for the president to play after national disasters or terrorism attacks and certainly, honestly, i think that some of the criticism directed at the president earlier this week on supposedly having lack of empathy was overblown. you saw it today, you saw him reaching out to people, the images were very strong for the president, and he connected. he seems very comfortable around the rescue personnel, whether that's the military as well as the victims and, you know, he really couldn't go into houston and get on a boat and -- and drive around the city. that just would not have been feasible but i think today he
2:33 pm
answered all his critics because he looked very strong and presidential today and showing a lot of empathy. >> you're right. if you go into houston just days after the flooding and then all of a sudden you're accused of interrupting rescuing efforts, you're in a no-win situation there. you got to see firsthand a lot of folks that are suffering at their worst point in their lives, able to give them a hug and at least for now a long road to recovery but certainly getting them some relief at least for today, right, bob? >> yes, the president has also been and his team has been on top of disaster relief and upping what they need, this is only installment one, they have been on top of the situation, fema has done well. local and state authorities are also done well after early criticism that some people said houston should have been evacuated. that could have been a real
2:34 pm
disaster specially if the rain came. this administration has passed this test on harvey at least so far. >> what we are seeing on the screen is a live shot of lake charles, louisiana, interesting harvey was not technically a hurricane by the time it got to lake charles but needless to say created quite a mess in southern texas in the beaumont areas, president trump getting briefing from national guard and emergency responders on what they did in the hours after harvey hit the region in southeast louisiana and a brief to go get up to speed and for the president no doubt face to face to say, thank you for your help to this community and forgiving so -- if giving to the people in immediate. arthel: absolutely. we don't have the pictures yet but the president and
2:35 pm
contingency has arrived in lake charles, louisiana. and we have live pictures for you, we we will bring them to you. these are live pictures that you're seeing, group of people awaiting the arrival of the president and the first lady and bob if you can standby for us throughout the show. thank you. joining us now patrick hamilton, status commander of the hurricane harvey relief effort for the texas national guard and, sir, how are things, the status of everything from your advantage point? >> well, thanks for having me on and i've got to tell you that identify spent most of the day in beaumont watching the rescues and some folks in orange still very much into some rescue operations and evacuation of folks that just couldn't get out, but what i saw was
2:36 pm
phenomenal there. louisiana guard unit that crossed over and helping us, i call mid counterpart in louisiana and worked out the mutual exchange. came across citizens that try today set a point of distribution for commodities, one of our units fell in, they set up a texas book point of distribution and have been running all day and then the county judge and those folks jumped in. the point here the amount of collaboration combined with the -- with the tremendous amount of capability that we have is supporting the citizens. i have to say that sometimes when the systems don't work, the people do and things get done and if you wait for things to be asked for sometimes they're too late and right nowly tell you that being out there on the ground doing the things we are doing that is been phenomenal and i have to give a lot of credit to the state of texas, the emergency management system
2:37 pm
there, the county judges and we are providing the house pow tore help them out. >> in case there, sir, it seems that the system and the people are working together and this is why the nation is watching the, the world is watching and i tell you what, these are horrible images but you are setting a stelar example for all of us in terms of how to get things done and do it right and do it with heart and i ask you if for people who are watching, a lot of people in live in the area, in the region, they've come to houston and i know many residents are leaving their homes that were lucky enough to get any damage but they are going to the centers, to the shelters to help out, for the folks that are watching from afar and they'd like to help, what would you suggest would be the best way for people to help out? >> well, reach out to local emergency operation center, emergency managers, mostly the county level and -- and ask them
2:38 pm
where the best place to bring things or come and work is. i mean in teddy, texas right now where one of my joint task force headquarters is established in port of houston area and the school has just been tremendous and everybody in the community has come in helping our soldiers, going in and out, also helping take things to the points of distribution out there. i think that's the real key and i want to add one last comment, if i can. the collaboration from all department of defense agencies and the guard has been unbelievable and state agencies. it's -- it's been just one of the most fantastic collaborations and coordinated events that i have witnessed in my 32-year in the army. >> well, that's saying, general hamilton, if i can ask you to hang on the line, i will get a short break, we are looking at live images from lake charles, louisiana where the president and the first lady have arrived. they are at the national guard armory and will have those
2:39 pm
pictures for you as soon as we get them, but for now, we will take a short break and stick around as our continuing coverage of tropical storm harvey and aftermath continues. ♪
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where welcome back. we are looking at live pictures where they continue to deal with the flooding there in the city and on the left-hand side of the screen a live shot at lake charles, louisiana where the president and first lady have arrived at the national guard armory and we we have pictures with governor of louisiana john bell edwards and first lady of louisiana, dona edwards, we will get that to you as soon as it's ready for me. in the meantime i'm sitting with dr. nicole sapphire, board
2:44 pm
radiologist and physicals. you have the water, that's a big issue that the residents and volunteers will be dealing with. talk to me 20 seconds and then we will get back to you. >> you have raw sewage and chemical spillings and broken glass, metal chards and completely dangerous and people are waiting in this water, it's very dangerous. we need to mobilize efforts and people need to get in there and the water is contaminated. if you don't have to be in it, you should try to get out. arthel: we will talk about the injections that will be needed, hepatitis, protections that they may need to take first responders as well as volunteer who is are braving the elements as well as they try to help fellow neighbors deal with the
2:45 pm
aftermath there in houston, much of houston flooded. and here is pictures of the president arriving at the national guard armory and see if we can hear anything. >> i love your hat. [laughter] [inaudible conversations] [inaudible conversations]
2:46 pm
[laughter] arthel: okay, it's hard to hear but you can see there the president and first lady melania trump greeting the louisiana national guard. i understand the cajun navy is in the house as well, a group of volunteers from baton rouge, louisiana and members of the office of homeland security there, local office there, homeland security and emergency preparedness. we can't really hear what the president is saying there, but you can surmise that the president is applauding all of the first responders for job well done as he has been since the start of natural disaster of hurricane harvey. as we watch the images, i want
2:47 pm
to continue -- actually i have along with me is dr. sapphire, nicole sapphire, dr. sapphire, i may have to interrupt you again if i i need to. >> of course. >> bare with me, we were talking about the issues facing the first responders, talk about the issues the hospitals and doctors will be confronting as well. >> we have, i have many colleagues in the area and have been working around the clock. what receive seen a hospital in beaumont has had to close down because they lost water supply, they have been operating nicu, premature babies that were just born, evacuated. all patients had to be evacuated out. the far majority in hospitals maintained activity, you have doctors, nurses, working around the clock and they did have flooding in lower levels and first level but the top floor is all maintained an they have been able to thankfully take care of
2:48 pm
patients. arthel: talk to me a little bit more about first responders and volunteers, those already on the ground helping, you have to deal with mosquitoes, people who are going to baa back homes, mold. >> these are real-live heros. putting themselves in harm's way to help everyone affected. risk for immediately, the water is very dangerous, you have you a-t love oh dangerous material within the water. just waiting in the water alone they are facing danger. hopefully everyone is up to date on tetanus shot because the risk of infection is very high and muggy weather and water is ground for mosquitoes. west nile, chikungunya, having, you know, good coverage with clothing and insect repellant
2:49 pm
will be important for these people but the sewer systems have overflowed. you have sewage waste in this water with that comes gi infections, viral infictions, you have clouds of smoke from chemical explosions that are eye irritants. arthel: do you think they'll be doing the same thing out there? before you answer that, tell me what will happen -- would they be administering in terms of medicine, injections for the residents who are now displaced and staying at the shelters, now crowded shelters although they are doing the best to make it comfortable, but they are there with everyone, everyone is together. >> yes, they are. tetanus, that's number one, very important. a lot of loose metal in the
2:50 pm
water and causing injuries. lots of bacteria. you to keep those clean. tetanus, hepatitis a, hepatitis b will not be as rampet. you have a lot of people. you have about 42,000 people in little over 200 shelters. they are going to be passing diseases back and forth. >> that's important about the flu shots and we are talking with dr. sapphire, we are looking at images from moments ago where president trump and first lady melania arrived at the national guard armory in lake charles, louisiana where they have been dealing with their own remnants and very well
2:51 pm
received in louisiana as well as in texas. right now the president seems to be doing what he's been doing from the onset which is to shake hands firmly and look in the eyes of the first responders including people like the cajun navy who are volunteers, helping the people who are in much need of great help and assistance and the president is looking them in the eyes and saying great job, frankly cheerleading that we need from the president at this point for those volunteers and the first responders who are operating unfumed and we are back with pictures in houston where the flooding continues. we are looking at the contaminated, dr. sapphire, you have people that are desperately trying to figure out what to do in the situation. you also have situation where volunteers are trying to help and people in houston who are leaving homes that were untouched thankfully for them but they are going to shelters,
2:52 pm
do you have any precautions that those people, those volunteers might need to take before heading out to those shelters? >> well, let's remember the number one cause of death when you have a serious storm is drowning and there's still a lot of water there. even the strongest swimmers can drown in a foot of water. if you don't have to be in the water, stay away from the water. make sure that you're with someone else. having volunteers go out alone, they're not safe. you want to make sure they are in buddy system, rubber boots to try to protect yourself not only from the scrap mill but bacteria, as they go to shelters, over 40,000 people in 200 shelters, massively crowded. that's going to be a breeding ground for infection. a lot of people have cuts and a lot of staph infections, gi,
2:53 pm
it's going to be a mess. arthel: having said that, dr. sapphire, but not to seem callis. >> wound infection, staff infections being contaminated with the water, touching with your hands, the bacteria on your hands with infect my wound because i'm not used to your bacteria. gloves, masks potentially and making sure that you are watching hands would be key. >> and i believe we still have general patrick hamilton, general patrick hamilton on the phone. do we still have him? good. i wanted to talk to you about the stelar job that you've already pointed out that the first responders are doing, what
2:54 pm
sort of precautions do you take to deal with the very issues that dr. sapphire pointed out, the contaminated water, trying not to transfer illnesses or diseases to anyone? >> well, we have personal protective equipment but it's -- you're going to get wet in the flood waters when you're walking around. so dr. sapphire's point it's hazardous, all of our soldiers and airmen, military service members have -- are current with their vaccinations, that's part of deployment red -- readiness that we have to maintain. so as they come in, they start feeling bad, we would get them in and checked out and get them treated very quickly. but it is hazardous and so that's -- that's one of the nature of the business, but we are not going to stop what we
2:55 pm
are doing, we are going to keep going in and saving those people. >> of course, you are, we really appreciate that. i wanted to ask you general hamilton, if you have seen in, i believe, your 32 deals in business, if you will, if you have seen in situations like of a natural disaster f some major corporations come together to dr. sapphire's point and maybe deliver flu shots to say the george r. brown convention center or the nrg center for all of the residents who have been displaced and now calling that their temporary home? >> i'm sorry, i really don't know about that, not in my area of expertise. i think it would be a great thing for them to do that. arthel: absolutely. maybe someone listening will maybe take the lead on that and, general hamilton, i know that you have your hands full there, i will ask you to hold on for me, if you could, a little bit
2:56 pm
longer, we have bob from the hill who will talk about the president's determination to get almost $7.9 billion approved by congress to help those people in texas who need it most and dr. sapphire is here with us as well to talk about the other side of this, the contaminated water, mosquitoes that linger about and that may also exacerbate the situation there in southeast texas. stay with us, we are going to take a short break but continuing coverage, aftermath of hurricane and now tropical storm harvey continues right here on the fox news channel
2:57 pm
. .. . . . . . . . . .
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>> we begin with fox news alert. president trump in louisiana meeting with harvey victims of viewing damage left by record-setting rainfall and flooding. earlier, the president first lady stopped in texas where they toured the shelter and talked with people displaced by the storm. hello, i am mike emanuel. welcome to a brand-new hour. >> hello mike, i am are sell. rescue continues in texas as the high water receipts giving a clear look at harvey's devastation. reports of more than 70000 rescues report so far. president trump and the first lady talking to survivors at
3:01 pm
energy center in houston, taking selfie's and serving hot docs. we have coverage on all of this. the meteorologist adam is monitoring the next potential threat in the atlantic. madison beaumont, texas where fema is still conducting search and rescue missions. we begin with peter clive with the energy center in houston. >> as a second trip to the in packs zone has went on, the president has had a chance to thank some service members who braved some of the possible conditions to save lives over the last few days. in louisiana he greeted the national guards a few minutes ago. in texas he saw the coast guard but the commander-in-chief was curious about the way he saves so many people. >> how is the weather out there? not too pleasant. >> 50-mile an hour winds.
3:02 pm
>> how did that compare to some of the bad storms you seen? >> this was as bad as it was. >> so by the time he got to short was a four. >> it was really bumpy it was 6. >> what a chopper like that handle? >> more than that. i am proud of you. >> the president's motorcade in a texas neighborhood where residents were cleaning outhouses the formal consent in. the president had to stay out of the worst flooded areas so he did not interfere with rescues. today he has been up close and personal with the people most affected by harvey in the places hardest hit. >> arthel: in the place in lake
3:03 pm
charles next or two, they were not only dealing with hurricane katrina, but hurricane rita as well. how does president trump think his meeting with that you evacuate went? >> right after his chance to meet with harvey's wrath a few days ago, he took selfie's with people who seemed excited to see him. then he said he sent gratitude about the government coordinated response. >> really i think people appreciate what's been done. were very happy with the way everything is going. a lot of love. >> the president handed out hotdogs and help load supplies. congress it was asked for a billion dollars in relief money and a package she says ted cruz may have to fight for. >> ted doesn't know, but his work is just starting. we have to push it through, but we will. we sign big authorizations last
3:04 pm
night and we will get it throu through. >> the president said he thinks the response by the government has put going so well seem to be going fast. >> thank you peter. >> mike: let's go to lake charles, louisiana were president trump and first lady are at the airport after a day of visiting with folks in both the houston area and southwest louisiana. comforter and chief role, helping people telling them the government is with them and will help them rebuild and recover after hurricane harvey left devastation across southeast texas and southwest louisiana. we expect the president to say some goodbyes there toward air force one and head back to washington where he will push congress to get to work on providing funding for hurricane
3:05 pm
harvey victims dealing with this devastation. >> the folks on the ground and to meet them in person to let them know that the nation has not forgotten them. the help is on the way and it will continue. the cajun navy was there. and to meet the first lady as well. >> were joined by betsy, betsy, your reaction to what your scene today? the president first lady visiting texas and louisiana, the way he has assumed the role of comforter in chief? >> this is really important that the president at the offset of his second trip to the area that has gotten hit is talking about the importance of congress making sure we can get this funding through.
3:06 pm
congress is often not particularly effective when it comes to getting things done. were seen the president use this moment to reach for bipartisan support so it's as easy and quick as possible to get upwards of $8 billion pass through congress and to the people of southeast louisiana and texas. this is a region that has been devastated. they will meet u need as much up as possible as soon as possible. the fact that the president is willing to take a comforting tone, but also willing to talk about the nuts and bolts of recovery, something he can expect to get some approval for, even from folks who might be criticizing him. >> and some folks have been criticizing betsy and congressman al green from the houston area who obviously, you
3:07 pm
want the presidents help at this point, but congressman greene has been among those calling for impeachment. today they put the differences aside. apparently they are all texans trying to help folks recover from hurricane harvey. >> it's interesting watching the way members of opposite political parties come together during disasters. you might say it's even sad to take something this extraordinary devastating to get folks to work together across the aisle, to accomplish things that congress and the federal government really needs to do. that said, of course this is a moment when people, both democrats and republicans have been comfortable setting aside their differences and focus on what people on the ground the. we've seen some democrats criticize ted cruz for the fact that when hurricane sandy hit new jersey he was critical of relief program efforts,
3:08 pm
3:09 pm
3:10 pm
>> what has described this as retaliation for moscow's demand. they cut the diplomatic staff. we are live in washington with the details. >> rushes protesting the search of a facility today, going so far as to summon a top diplomat in moscow to complain. calling the search accrued beach of international law. here is video of the trade
3:11 pm
mission in d.c. earlier this summer vladimir putin ordered the u.s. to cut its diplomatic staff in russia i 755
3:12 pm
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our district it's rainwater and flooding. as the devastation is mind-boggling.
3:18 pm
>> mike: with water damage and flooding it's a concern about what is in the water. and also looking at mold. is that troubling you going forward? >> i'm worried about that. we will have a housing issue down here. fema is providing temporary housing in the give you vouchers for hotels or if your home is damaged. they're working to get folks into apartments. were looking for a solution and fema is doing the best they can. the number of people affected is unbelievable. >> mike: $7.85 billion is the initial request. the house is expected to move forward this week. there hasn't been much bipartisan cooperation so far. what about on this issue? >> i can't believe that we would not get bipartisan cooperation on this. the american people have big
3:19 pm
hearts and i think they will hold their congressmen and women responsible to step up and provide help to those most in need. >> mike: what about the future? should some folks? who are victims of harvey be encouraged to rebuild elsewhere after living to this epic flooding? >> i think a lot of people will choose to move elsewhere. especially if you are in a flood prone area. that's one of the problems with the federal flood insurance program. as far as the hurricane goes, it has been 47 years since we have had a hurricane of this magnitude in corpus christi. i'm not sure the windstorm is as much of a problem as the flooding. you can scientifically predict where places will flood. of course, this is a 1000 your flight. this is more rain than we have seen. >> mike: this is the new white
3:20 pm
house first test in terms of a natural disaster. what kind of grade to give those folks so far? >> i give them a solid a. president trump was here on the ground right away, as was vice president pence. we have seen compassion and i have talked to my mayerson sheriff's, almost all of them are happy. obviously there are some glitches but it's been going well. >> mike: and the coronation between the state and local governments, has that gone well? >> i been very impressed governor abbott has been on the ground. the president vice president, the state emergency management. i have cell phone number court nader so when i have problems i can call them. what i'm doing is rattling cages if something isn't working right.
3:21 pm
the first few days i've had a lot of calls. since then it's getting done. volunteers are stepping up. today in rockport thousands of people from corpus christi which is not as hard hit as rockport are cooking food and clearing brush. >> mike: incredible community spirit in the great state of texas. congressman, we thank you for your time and we wish your constituents a speedy recovery. i will see you back on the hill. >> thank you john. it will probably be about a year before we get back to normal. >> arthel: we are days away from president trump announcing the fate of dreamers in the u.s. those dreamers are part of the obama administration's dock a program, deferred action for childhood arrivals. docket gives work permits to those coming here illegally. the president set to make an announcement on tuesday. >> on tuesday the president said to announce whether he will disassemble daca.
3:22 pm
the stands for the deferred action for childhood arrival program set up under president obama. president trump called daca unconstitutional and promised ended the first an office. seven months later, things have gotten complicated. daca has given work permits to those who illegal immigrants who came here as children. they were is not to stop the program completely. >> i don't think you should do that. i think this is something congress has to fix. there are people in limbo. this kids know no other country. there brought here by the parents and do not know another home. i believe there needs to be a legislative solution. >> congress has failed to pass immigration reform and current members remain deeply divided.
3:23 pm
because it is an executive order it would only take a signature from mr. trump to kill it. >> the president's priorities on immigration are to create a system that encourages legal immigration that benefits our economy and workers. the president has been clear, he loves people and wants to make sure this decision is done correctly. >> if present trump does not and docket by tuesday several states will challenge the programming court. >> arthel: thank you caroline. >> arthel: drowning is not the only major threat from flooding, the water itself carries potentially deadly toxins and other dangers. were on that is coming up. plus trump visiting people in shelters who have lost a most everything. you, a live report on the white house on whether congress will okay the billion dollars of funding the president wants to help out the victims, and when that might happen. patrick woke up with back pain.
3:24 pm
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>> mike: the rain has stopped in southeastern texas. the cleanup has not begun yet, it will begin but not yet. those floodwaters you see are exposing people to potentially deadly toxins and fumes along with overpowering stench of sewage. steve is live in houston. steve, i know it is hard and tough to describe how bad that water smells. >> it is clear there is raw sewage in this water. this is a volunteer effort in people with all kinds of vehicles, canoes, all-terrain vehicles, high water trucks, and some people walking through. they're trying to get to their houses down the street a pullout what they can, wheezing clothing, some paintings, no people, the rescue operation is pretty much over.
3:29 pm
we talked to three men in a canoe who are tearing up sheet rock to get the wet stuff out of their houses. a good chunk of this water is actually deliberate it's a controlled release from two reservoirs. their concerns those stamps could break up and cause a catastrophe. the controlled release has flooded some of the houses hit by the storm even worse. with this stink and he, the people could be looking at another two weeks before the water receipts. >> arthel: it is only just beginning, the nightmare continues for somebody people there in texas and southeast louisiana. thank you very much. >> mike: president trump visiting texas and louisiana meeting with harvey victims a survey and storm damage. the president is asking congress for nearly $8 billion in relief aid to get started.
3:30 pm
which is live at the white house to get started. focus today on storm victims? >> a full day with storm victims. president trump left this morning around 9:00 a.m. he is just not traveling back to the white house. he and the first lady arriving in texas earlier today, the president toward a relief center, played with children, met with victims, handed out eight packages. he stopped at a texas neighborhood and help people cleaning their home. this was his second trip to texas. during the first he met with responders and cut criticism for failing to tour damage or meet with victims. the second trip is focused on the victims in the damage. he spoke with first responders, thanking them for their work in applauding the government response. >> really, think people appreciate what has been done. it has been done very efficiently and well. we are very happy with the way everything has been done. a lot of love. >> from there he went to louisiana toward a national guard facility.
3:31 pm
we heard from the democratic governor of louisiana in a statement talked about the president's visit. he said it's great to have your president in your states and to acknowledge the work done by so many people here. >> mike: thank you very much. let's go live to houston to the mayor of houston, sylvester turner. talking about president trump and the first lady visiting his state. let's listen into sylvester turner, the mayor of houston. >> thank you. [inaudible] [inaudible]
3:32 pm
[inaudible] [inaudible] >> let me start out by a couple of qualifiers. what i am about to say and what you will hear. it is pertain to west houston. secondly, what i am about to say only applies to those homes, structures, that have already has water existing in their homes or in the apartment complex. so, if there is no water in your home or apartment complex, what i'm about to say does not apply to you. so i'm specifically referring to west houston and the area i have
3:33 pm
focused on is west of gessner, east of highway six, south of interstate ten and north of briar forest. that is the area i am talking about, west of houston, east of highway six, south of interstate ten and north of briar forest. again, i am specifically within that area i am specifically limiting my comments to those structures that already contain watch her. any other structure or home and that area if it does not contain water currently, what we're about to say does not apply to you. i want to be very, very clear. yesterday i asked people to voluntarily leave those homes in those apartments in this particular area where water existed. where water was currently in
3:34 pm
their homes or apartments. the first responders over the past 24 hours have canvassed the area, their canvassing about 3800 homes, 297 approximately. >> mike: year listening into the houston mayor talking about a specific neighborhood in west houston. williston and if there headlines but will move on to other news. >> arthel: meanwhile we'll talk about president trump and that he's calling on congress to authorize a billion dollars in funding. lawmakers have a lot of work ahead of them when they return to capitol hill next week. including possibly raising the debt ceiling. we're not gonna talk about how that request can get pushed through. betsy is a reporter with the daily beast, thank you for joining us. will the white house get any pushback from congress on this
3:35 pm
request? mac i am skeptical that folks in congress will give the white house a hard time giving this money pass through. there's an overwhelming national call for the federal government to step in and help the people of southwest louisiana and houston gulf coast area, it would be astonishing of members of congress decided to hold the saw. in fact, from the perspective of the white house, this disaster has been clarified as first the question about government funding. before the hurricane hit and look like some republicans were looking at using the funding bill that needs to be passed in september as a vehicle for pushing other potential items the white house and republicans want, including funding for the border wall which he has promised. given that border wall funding which is controversy oh given democrats might be needed to get
3:36 pm
this funny bill through, right now it looks less like a that the white house and congressional republicans will try to use the must pass funding bill for anything other than the bare basics of this additional money to help the gulf coast recover. >> arthel: you mentioned earlier that you are skeptical, is it possible anyone in congress will want to tie the harvey relief to the debt ceiling debate? >> my sense is that hurricane relief should not have trouble getting through. it could be connected to must pass bill, the see it debt ceiling has to raise. also must pass bill that congress has to pass to keep the government open. it's possible funding for hurricane harvey funding will be attached to that. also hurricane harvey funding could be a stand-alone bill. if that's the case then i would
3:37 pm
be very surprised if it's controversy. however, if congress moves through stand-alone legislation that sends the state billion dollars to help the gulf coast recover, then of the other two must pass legislative items, debt ceiling hike in a government funding bill, it's possible there would be more political debates about whether those must pass pieces of legislation would include something involving immigration or border security. it's hypothetical, and just from talking to folks in congress seems they haven't hammered out a clear plan of what they will do. but leadership feels pressure to act fast and decisively and get funding through. >> arthel: absolutely. with that in mind, how quickly
3:38 pm
can we expect congress to approve harvey relief funds? will lawmakers approved the full amount, 7.9 billion? >> this be question is a good one. i don't have direct information from sources about that. they come back in session later this week. my senses that harvey really funding will be at the top of their agenda. it supersedes any political concerns they might have. in terms of how quickly it will take them to move through, that is still an open question. i would be surprised if it takes more than a couple of weeks, max. the situation is so catastrophic, it's a natural disaster of historic proportion. it affects so many people that if congress tries to do anything else or of members of congress try to use political goals to slow down the passage of that aid funding, it would cause an enormous outcry and pushback. also i think in a billion number is not going to be difficult or
3:39 pm
appropriate. so does congress and the federal government keeps sending significant sums of money to this part of the money to help them recover? as was indicated in the press conference, the recovery process so arduous and expensive the federal government will have to be involved to help the reach and rebuild. the question is how much are they willing to invest? often the pressure on members of the house to spend money and help with disaster relief is the highest in the wake of the disaster, right now. in two or three months when news has moved on and floodwater start receiving, will there still be political pressure on members of capitol hill to keep investing and rebuilding the gulf coast? that's tough to predict. >> arthel: those are good
3:40 pm
questions will keep on top of. thank you very much for joining us here. and to discuss the president's efforts to get almost $8 billion approved by congress to give to those folks in texas and southwest louisiana who need it most. thank you betsy. >> mike: members of the military are now answering the call of duty by helping harvey victims. and americans hitting the road for labor day already paying more to fill up their tanks. how harvey is impacting the price of gas. to get back to doing what you love. ensure, always be you.
3:41 pm
wherwhere we always welcome you, that's texas.exas. where we always find a way, that's texas. ♪
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>> mike: the united states military providing assistance as texas and louisiana recover from harvey. this is evolving day by day. here, members of the 347th rescue group from moody air force base in georgia about a search and rescue and houston
3:45 pm
area. every branch of the military is taking part in the effort. >> mike: retired u.s. navy captain is joining me now. sir, when disaster strikes, was specialized skills to sailors, marines, soldiers and airmen bring to the job? >> the first thing they bring is the confidence of being world-class military. we do these operations worldwide. a lot of the time the american taxpayer doesn't see what's going on overseas when there's disaster relief efforts. now, they see firsthand the experience. this is not new for us. we have been doing decades of disaster relief, katrina was a perfect example. as you mentioned, all services are represented.
3:46 pm
we've taken lessons learned from katrina and other military agents who work hard with fema on these responses. what you're seeing now is the ability of the military, the depth and breath of our ability to respond quickly and in a concerted effort to bring these capabilities. >> mike: as you look at the specifics of hurricane harvey, what role do you expect military personnel to play now, and in the weeks ahead? >> the first thing that will happen is people you see are going about their business to get the recovery. the military will bring an enabling capability for first responders and government to be
3:47 pm
able to get houston back on their feet quickly. airports open, the ports will be open, the military can take the stress off the governments. you can house first responders, fema, and other people who come down. instead of taking local hotel rooms that would be given to the victims of the flood, you don't have federal responders on, they can stand the ship. they bring the ability to house 1000 people, they bring a 300 or 600 at hospital. the ability to control helicopters and then her operability, we work with the coast guard and air force and civil authorities on a regular basis. you're bringing a confidence force that has done this historically. >> mike: talk to us about the work ethic of our men and women in uniform and the speed to which they can get things done.
3:48 pm
>> this speed as i watering. the navy specific, we always want to say the navy plays away games, but this is a home game for the navy. there's a lot of sailors, marines, coast guard and airmen, they have families in houston. they're more determined to go faster than the eye watering speed. what we do is dangerous, it's never unsafe, there is always a measure there, but they will go 20 hours a day, they're rescuing dogs, cats, complete family units to make sure the entire family gets our benefit. >> mike: what is the reaction from storm victims after natural disaster and they see are men and women in uniform show up to help? >> first, there's a gratitude that these men and women on the
3:49 pm
forefront of our defense are now turning inward for country. they embrace you, but they also understand the enormous capability we bring to bring water, fuel and help them bring their lives back to normal as quick as possible. >> captain o'brien, thank you very much. >> mike: gas prices have soared since harvey flood many golf course refineries. how high could the prices go? a live report is a ahead
3:50 pm
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3:53 pm
>> arthel: the price of gas isoy wreaking havoc on oil and gas refineries. almost one third of oil refinery practice refineries are in the disaster zone. will is live with more. >> millions of americans will be on the road this labor day weekend. it will be stopping at gas stations like this. when they do they'll be looking up at the signs and those numbers will continue to kick up, the cause for cost for
3:54 pm
regular gallon of gas, the average cost is $2.59. that's a 23% increase from last week. that's resulting from refineries on the louisiana coast been shut down. the colonial pipeline which carries 40% of the south has been forced to close sections underwater. they now need to inspect to before they reopen. drivers are racing to the pumps and station started running out of gas because many people swap the station in a short amount of time. >> i think it's sad because were dealing with what's going on in houston and with the flooding, so we don't need to have something that people are worried about for nothing. >> the department of energy has released half a million barrels of oil to try to help. won't help in the immediate future, gas prices will go up 3 - 5 cents a day for at least the next week.
3:55 pm
>> and those few cents make a big impact on the pocketbook. thank you will, thank you. >> mike: the present first lady are flying back to the white house after an emotional tour of texas, and louisiana where they got an up up close and personal with harvey's devastation. meanwhile her an encouraging sign of recovery. that is up next. to most, he's phil mickelson pro golfer.
3:56 pm
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3:59 pm
>> arthel: welcome sign ofrecove astros take the home field since the first time harvey devastated the city. >> the astros beat the mets today 12 - 8. houston mayor throwing out the ceremonial first pitch. harvey vacuum is, alters and first responders got free tickets to the game courtesy of the team. i think we are all astro fans tonight. >> arthel: i would say and tomorrow as well. we are back tomorrow starting at noon eastern. >> holly is up next with the fox report.
4:00 pm
>> president trump is taking on the role of consoler in chief. that says him and the first la lady. i'm molly in for julie, you are watching the fox report. the president touching down in houston to meet with survivors hours after sending lawmakers a request for an initial $7.9 billion for relief and recovery efforts. the president made several stops including at one of the city's biggest shelters where he met with families and small children left homeless by the flooding. from there, it was on to lake charles, louisiana. the present thinking first responders and


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